Graphic Score is a sequence of drawings made in 2009 - 2017 using tracing paper and ink to create abstract geometric inspired forms. The series has been recontextualised by numerous collaborators in the  Cacophony series  in the form of and absence of sound.
 Commissioned in 2017 as part of  Philomela’s Chorus , ‘Amine' is a tapestry of voices reveals the multi-faceted complexities and experiences of what it is to be a black woman in the UK today.  “A powerful collection that unveils the underexplored perspectives of black British women – as deliciously diverse in form as they are in story.” GAYLENE GOULD, BFI  “Urgent and timely – a new generation of directors step forward.” ADAM RUTHERFORD, AFTER NYNE MAGAZINE
       Conducting short interviews lasting 5-10 minutes  Untitled (The Hook)  2016 - is a work asking creatives to describe their music based ‘hook moments’. The moment where a particular piece of music grabs you, resonates, nests and buries itself, takes root. That moment when words are hard to grasp exactly how the music makes you feel.
       Simon Says/Dadda (2018-) is a collaborative research and development project towards the production of a new film, working with a community of black women across 5 regions in the UK. This film will collect testimonial experiences of patriarchy from over 30 women of colour. The workshops will encourage creativity and the sharing of the personal and political. It will establish a nurturing and supportive network of women across the UK that will platform under-represented voices and bodies in the art world. A public sharing event will take place in each regional location following a series of workshops which will look at film, music, drawing, poetry and cooking.